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Cable TV – Mini fridge – Microwave – Morning Coffee

WiFi in Lobby and  MOST of the rooms.

(If you need wi-fi in your room, let us know when you book your stay)

Historic Uptown Butte – The Festival City

Uptown Butte, Montana is a tapestry of history and modern-day life.

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Butte has become famous in one way or another since the days of the Copper Kings. It has a colorful history. A visit to the Butte archives can keep you entertained for months if you had that kind of time! At one point, Evel Knievel put Butte, MT on the map again, with Butte being his hometown. The Uptown area is full of history!

You can tour an old speakeasy from the Prohibition days or view the spot where the Union Miner’s Hall once stood. The Uptown area has old headframes from the underground mining days that dot the landscape in many places. They now have lights on them and are a proud part of our heritage. Butte brought copper wire – electricity to the world!

You can tour a Copper King’s mansion, see the Berkely Pit or visit the Art Chateau. There are so many things to do in Uptown Butte, that you may never make it into the beautiful countryside on your first visit.

Uptown Butte, MT is now being called the Festival City. At one time Evel Knievel Days was hosted here. Sadly, this successful event was discontinued. Then, the National Folk Festival was hosted in Butte for three years. After the city of Butte put so much effort and money into the infrastructure of Uptown Butte for the National Folk Festival, they kept it going on a yearly basis – but, it’s now the Montana Folk Festival and it’s free, once a year in July.

There are many other Festivals, and most of them are free. An Ri Ra, the Irish Festival is held in August every year. There are even more, too numerous to list here. There are also Farmer’s Markets, Vintage Fairs and other events, and music uptown on Thursday nights. Some summer evenings there are bands or a movie at the “The Original”.

Eddy’s Motel in Butte, MT is often booked in advance during the Montana Folk Festival, so if you plan to stay with us, it’s best to check with us now. The other Festivals keep us hopping, as well!

It’s amazing! Come enjoy the Uptown Butte, MT experience!



Cable TV – Mini fridge – Microwave – Morning Coffee

WiFi in Lobby and also in some rooms.

(If you need wi-fi in your room, let us know when you book your stay)

Eddy’s is constantly a work in progress.  We are an older motel and do the best we can to keep up with current needs of our travelers, while trying to keep the older and friendly feel of the motel.  We aim to make your stay comfortable and always appreciate input from our customers. 

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