Eddy’s Motel in Butte, Montana ~ Thank You to Our Management Team!

At Eddy’s Motel in Butte, Montana, I have seen the change of the guard, as far as management is concerned – many times in the 11 years that I have been employed by the company. In fact, I have been with Eddy’s Motel through 5 management changes since March of 2008.

It’s hard to keep managers. In order to keep rates at a minimum, a small motel like ours must run on a skeleton crew most of the time. There is very little time off and many phone calls in the middle of the night. It’s hard to find and keep good employees that you can trust. There are a lot of challenges and it takes a special breed of people to persevere.

In 2017, we were blessed to have fate bring us the current management team that we have now. Sam and Misty Smith have taken on Eddy’s Motel as a challenge and so far, it’s a win-win situation for both the motel and for the family that has diligently worked hard on giving the rooms at Eddy’s Motel a facelift and a fresh breath of air.

They are an amazing “team” and the first real “family team” that I have worked with as far as management is concerned. Sam and Misty must juggle their office and customer responsibilities, room remodeling, shopping for the location and many other tasks. They do this while also taking excellent care of their two children, helping them with homework and being involved in every aspect of their schooling.

I count the children as part of the team, because they play a very significant role in the reason that Eddy’s Motel in Butte, Montana is becoming more attractive every day. The children help their parents in many ways. They are patient about being able to have extra activities. They are helpful and respectful. They are the kind of children that you can tell are being raised with values.

Sam and Misty Smith have been a Godsend for this little Mom and Pop motel that was falling apart. Their efforts are affording Eddy’s Motel to be in a better position soon for new paving and siding in the coming year. You must admit, curb appeal is important.

So, if you have stayed at Eddy’s Motel in Butte, Montana in the past and had a complaint, give us another chance. Unless, of course, you plan on using our property for illegal activities or break our rules. We are then happy to have you go elsewhere.

Remember, we are always a work in progress and as they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. In this case, it wasn’t “rebuilt in a day”.  Let us know your needs ahead of time. If we can accommodate them, we will. If we can’t, we know that we did our best and welcome you to find what suits you the best.

Thank you so much to Sam and Misty and their children! If you Stay with Us at Eddy’s Motel in Butte, Montana – please let them know how your experience was and if there is anything that you find would be useful going forward.

Contact Eddy’s Motel at 406-723-4364 or fill out a Form on our website. We appreciate your business!